Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Hilly boy news

Here’s a story that demonstrates Hilly boy’s shortsightedness. His bill would cost the state millions of dollars more and experts say it likely will result in more murders.

What I find interesting is that his defense was that he was just doing what state Senator Raymond Finney was telling him to do. Again, I am not convinced Hill can stand on his own two feet.
In other news, Hill’s Ten Commandments bill did not make it out of the House subcommittee. Washington County needs to elect a representative who can actually get bills passed. Before long, Hilly boy will have this guy's label in the Tennessee House. This Northeast Tennessee resident is glad Hilly boy’s bill died.
I was reading this blog post and found it interesting that Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill has an entry in wikipedia. I also noticed references to two anti-Hill blogs, including this one. I had nothing to do with that, but I was glad to see them.

I also found a link to a 2004 election year story in which Hill said he will only vote for an income tax if we are at war. Aren’t we at war now? I really do wonder sometimes if he is fiscally liberal.
Not surprisingly, Matthew Hill earned a zero on the 2005 Tennessee Conservation Scorecard. I’m glad he is truly intent on preserving the recreational opportunities and beauty of Washington County. Oh wait, he’s from Sullivan County. Not that I think he cares about preserving their outdoor beauty either.
One last note. Who is Nancy Fischman? I just don't know a lot about her, but I am glad that she too wants Hilly boy out of office. And in regard to Phillips, this news doesn't help Hill's scandal attacks.

I bet Matthew Hill supports selling land in the Cherokee Forest. Ugh.
The Daniel Akaka: Master of the Minor
America's Worst Senators in TIME stated that during 2003-2004, Senator Akaka sponsored legisation establishing "Financial Literacy for Youth Month" --- didn't Rep. Matthew Hill also sponsor legislation within the Tennessee House of Representatives titled "Tennessee Saves" or sother such nonsense?
That is just the type of bill that Hill loves. I wrote a little about it in June of last year.
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