Sunday, February 27, 2005


Something tells me this won't get far

The following information comes from Tre Hargett's Week In Review on Februrary 24. I have a feeling, with his desire to be a lobbyist & a legislature at the same time, that Hilly boy is not working hard on this topic. All that Gregory money would need to be cut off for true ethical reforms in Tennessee's government, but Hilly boy is not interested in the well going dry.

Tre Hargett's Week In Review on Februrary 24
Ethics and Efficient Government

With ethics questions remaining a hot topic this week in the press, the House Republican Caucus is continuing its exploration of legislation that will more effectively define ethical standards for legislators and lobbyists. Legislation is surfacing from both Republicans and Democrats on the issue, and the House Republican Caucus Task Force on Ethics and Lobbying is meeting weekly to discuss the best ways to keep those involved in state government – from legislators to lobbyists – accountable to the citizens and to the law. During Wednesday’s meeting, task force members discussed several potential bills that address campaign contributions, lobbyist practices and the opportunities available to recent retired legislators. Expect movement of these bills in the coming weeks.

During the House Subcommittee on State Government, one Republican member proposed a bill to define “immediate family” for the purposes of discerning who can obtain a Tennessee General Assembly license plate from a legislator. The bill defines eligible persons as a spouse, child, step-child, brother, sister, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, parent or grandparent. HB248 has been rolled for further discussion.

Re: Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation

EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS TD 8818, page 3. Public disclosure of material relating to tax-exempt organizations. Final ... TD 8818

Peek-a-boo...details how you can legal look into Hill's Jesus, Inc. tax-exempt cash cow.
Thanks for the useful information. I will add this to the links and then I will label them a little better.
Thanks for the useful information. I will add this to the links and then I will label them a little better.
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