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Pharmacy School News

Not too much to complain about here really. Still, I am convinced that Hilly boy doesn't know how to do anything else but repeat what Rusty, David and Jerome tell him to say.

You didn't answer my question yet, what did thesae guys do to you?
What these people did to me was destroy democracy in the 7th District. A candidate who was backed by a billionaire moved into Washington County 6 months before the election and claimed to have our best interests in mind. When really, it looks like this is nothing more than a plan by the Gregorys to secure elected officials who will not fight the rising costs of prescription drugs. In addition, Hilly boy spread lies during the primary election using outside groups such as the Northeast Tennessee Right to Life and the Tennessee Forum. My reasons are laid out in the posts on this blog. If you don't agree that's your prerogative.
I think I heard Rep Hill on Good Morning Tri-Cities this morning. Maybe you should call him.

Anyway, I've hung out with him before I think he's alright, besides he makes great coffee. I think I've actually met everyone you are talking about are you sure aboput all this or is this all stuff you've photoshoped?

That is fine if you like him. I don't. I am not sure what photoshoped means.
a10ecvol...sounds like a fascist...

I have also been looking at the proposal for a
free-standing ETSU College of Pharmacy in Johnson City
--- could it be that some of the Bristol pharmaceutical
companies are also wanting to have a nearby state
taxpayer-supported pharmacy college conduct expensive
pre-clinical pharmaceutical research needed for new
branded pharmaceuticals?

I have also noticed that the Johnson City groups
pitching the ETSU College of Pharmacy proposal suddenly
dropped the local benefit of not having pharmacy
students to travel off to Memphis and Atlanta for their
advanced pharmacy degrees after the office U.S. Rep.
Rick Boucher (D-Va.) annouced a federal grant for a
pharmacy school in Grundy. Virginia (approximately 100
miles from Johnson City) that had opened doors to new
pharmacy students the previous year.

In any case, several of the Northeast Tennessee
republican politicans (Sen. Ramsey, Rep. Mumpower, and
Rep. Hill) have put themselves on the line over their
poltically securing the ETSU College of Pharmacy. I
believe that their bungling of the ETSU College of
Pharmacy would certainly tarnish their future
re-election campaigns here in Northeast Tennessee.

The Johnson City Press published a contact "ad" within
the Sunday, January 30, 2005 edition, listing all the
members of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, so
I thought that I would pass you along the following
"heads-up" about the Tennessee Higher Education
Chairman, Jim Powell, Sr. as it would be a valid
question to ask if the THEC Chairman's Powell
Construction company would be bidding on the ETSU
College of Pharmacy after such approval by the THEC and
other state authorities (however, it is my understanding
that the capital cost associated with building the
proposod Johnson City pharmacy school will be picked up
by yet "unnamed" benefactors):

Jim Powell, Sr. - Chairman, Tennessee Higher Education
Commission Powell Construction 3622 Bristol
Highway Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission - Standing

Specific working provisions for Academic Affairs
Committee: * The Academic Affairs Committee will
principally address proposed programs and program
changes, major academic initiatives, and regional and
national issues that impact the state.

[sample of prior Powell Construction projects at East
Tennessee State University]
photo caption: East Tennessee State University Sherrod

The East Tennessee State University Observatory was
built by the Powell Building Group. The observatory was
dedicated and opened in January 1998 .

[brief bio]

James J. Powell, Powell Construction. Powell, who grew
up on a farm in Cub Creek, won a scholarship from Sears
& Roebuck and became the first in his family to attend
college, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He
later joined a family member in the steel business, and
in 1969, he started his own construction business with
three employees and a 30-ton crane. Powell’s company
today has does crane work, steel erection and coal
processing, among other things. He is a member of the
ETSU Distinguished President’s Trust and serves on the
ETSU Foundation board of directors.


The real cost that no one supporting the creation of an
ETSU pharmacy school is talking about pertains not to
the expense of educating future pharmacy students, but
that of undisclosed cost of having Tennessee taxpayers
paying for the cost of preclinical pharmaceutical
research conducted at the proposed ETSU College of
"Photoshopped" probably has several different meanings...the image of a giant-sized Rep. Hill behind his Leitner Building koolaid stand, offering his followers a tall glass of koolaid is definitely "photoshopped" (digitally manipulated within a graphic image application such as Adobe Photoshop, as Hill is not 90 feet tall).

The above listed blogger is implying that the photocopies of the public voter records are likewise "photoshopped" --- however, there is not any reason to photoshop (with the intent to deceive) as such public records can be easily verified at the Sullivan County Election Commission office located in Blountville.
Sorry guys , I've been out of town a couple of days. Let me get this, Pharmacy School Bad, Rep Hill Evil, saluda stage right and gwisecrackhead good? I listen to powertalk 870 alot, so which one of you is Bob the Communist? and which one is Bob Patton? Because you guys are sounding just like them.

Personally I was never opposed to the pharmacy school. I just don't know what the point is of having two within an hour and a half of each other. And I don't have a clue who Bob the communist is, nor do I really even know Mr. Patton. As for anyone who regularly listens to Good Morning Tri-Cities on 870, I really feel sorry for you, but it is a free country. appears that she is tripping on the Big Orange KoolAid...she must be one of those angry "Tower of Truth" callers.
Herald & Tribune (Jonesborough )Weekly Poll - Wednesday, February 16, 2005.

Do you support a stand-alone "College of Pharmacy" at ETSU?Yes 5%

No 93%Undecided 2%

Total Votes 398
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