Thursday, February 03, 2005


Tax Issues

Here are some links to stories that echo my thoughts, as a Christian who lives in Tennessee, about taxes.

1.) Alabama has an insane income tax, but just like Tennessee, they over rely on sales tax. How can timber industries own 71% of Alabama’s land, but only pay 2% of property taxes? Tennessee is doomed to moral depravity until there is a fair income tax.

2.) And much like Tennessee, Alabama is proud of their history of the rich oppressing the poor. I guarantee John Giles earns at least a six figure salary and might have had to cut one of his vacation trips if Alabama’s tax reform had passed.

3.) Our genius politicians are running Tennessee into the ground because we can’t have an income tax. There sure is nothing like a 10% sales tax on diapers and food though. The anti-income tax stance simply benefits the rich and squeezes the poor. I believe the Old Testament says a lot about the nation of Israel doing that, usually before their country was overthrown by an enemy nation.

What is amazing is that most of the country folks who oppose the income tax would not even have to pay it! They have been tricked into fighting for the rich, thinking they are fighting for themselves.

Perhaps the business owners in the surrounding states have just paid our politicians. Because that is where Tennessee’s retail sales are going.

4.) A state property tax could easily net Tennessee $1 billion, and allow us to lower our insanely oppressive sales tax, which accounts for 65% of Tennessee’s revenue.

5.) And lastly, our stupid politicians who gave us approximately a 10% sales tax essentially helped Tennessee adopt the lottery as a tax subsitute. State lotteries are poor subsitutes for taxes because they make their money by bilking the poor. The rich know that other avenues give a better return on their money. In addition, the staffs for lotteries are overpaid.

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