Tuesday, February 01, 2005


After cleaning house, take Hilly boy too

It looks like some sensible people may reside in Tennessee after all. It's time for the Gregorys' dirty money and all their political pawns to take notice.

As if making millions from price increases to Altace, a life-saving drug paid for by Tennessee taxpayers was bad enough. It appears that the the Gregory family used a charity to to manipulate King Pharmaceuticals' sales figures and inflate its stock values. A class action lawsuit (there are at least 29 lawsuits total) alleges that the King booked sales to the King Benevolent Fund to ensure that the company met its earnings targets, and that John Gregory personally profited from these inflated sales figures reported by his company.

Did we mention that King lost $111 million dollars in 2004?

All I can say is that those with sense need to act fast because these wackos are not showing signs of caring one bit about integrity and ethics.

So what did these peolpe do to you?
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