Tuesday, February 22, 2005


He really doesn't care.

All of the Tennessee General Assembly members from Northeast Tennessee who are championing the establishment of a new East Tennessee State University College of Pharmacy are seemingly in agreement that their proposed pharmacy school in Johnson City will be built without any new taxpayer dollars -- the legislative members of the pro-ETSU pharmacy school clique are adamant that their new pharmacy college proposal for Johnson City could be funded with only "student tuition" and "donor contributions.”

"Donor contributions?” While at first blush these Northeast Tennessee legislators seem to have some first hand experience with actually contributing to the ETSU Foundation (the ETSU Foundation apparently oversees various contributor funds benefiting both ETSU programs and students), you may be be surprised to learn that only one current member of the Tennessee General Assembly actually donated any money to the ETSU Foundation from July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004.

The current edition of ETSU Today, 2003-2004 Honor Roll Edition is listing Senator Dewey "Rusty" Crowe as a co-contributor to "The Century Club" within the $100 to $249 range.

State Senator and Tennessee Senate Republican Leader Ron Ramsey is also among those ETSU College of Pharmacy advocates from Northeast Tennessee calling for the proposed Johnson City pharmacy school to be financed largely through the generosity of private donations. While Ramsey is additionally listed as a 2004 ETSU Foundation Member within the ETSU Today, 2003-2004 Honor Roll Edition (and Ramsey has within recent years, his own children enrolled as students at ETSU), neither Ramsey nor his campaign fund is listed among the private contributors to the ETSU Foundation.

Even former State Representative Bob Patton, who was defeated (and thoroughly outspent last fall during the 7th House District general election by the pharmaceutical PAC and life insurance PAC-connected Matthew Hill of Jonesborough), is listed as a "BUC" $100 to $249 contributor to the ETSU Pirate Club that helps support ETSU athletic programs. Neither Rep. Hill, himself an ETSU alumni, or his well-financed Hill campaign is listed among the 2003-2004 ETSU Foundation donors. How surprising.

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