Tuesday, March 08, 2005


More issues Hilly boy hates

A few more things from (Gregory funded) Tre Hargett's March 3, 2005 Capitol Hill Week in Review:

1. Perspectives on TennCare...

Topics also discussed included the lack of implementation of TennCare’s Retrospective Drug Utilization Review (DUR), a federally-mandated program that analyzes prescription drug prescribing habits and trends in order to better identify fraud and over-use.

2. Continue to watch…

HB855 allows for a sales-tax exemption on hybrid-electric and alternative-fuel vehicles if they are purchased in Tennessee and subsequently registered in the state. The bill has been placed on the calendar for the House Committee on Conservation and Environment and will be heard on Wednesday, March 9, 2005.

I am pretty sure that on #1 Hilly boy has been instructed by Gregory & friends not to cooperate. On #2 Hilly boy attacked DeLucia for supporting clean-air improvements like this.

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